Canada Digital Adoption Program

Sue Steckle of Innervative Strategies Inc. has been designated as a Digital Advisor for Stream 2, Boost Your Business Technology within the Canada Digital Adoption Program.

Areas of expertise include technology for Healthcare and Retail Trade.

Areas of focus include Analytics, Financial Services, Communications, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, and Inventory Management, with customized services for Women and LGBTQ2+.

To get started with an initial discussion to assess if we are a good fit, please book a no-obligation, no-cost call below. We’ll discuss your business and your future vision, and make a plan.

Read more about the funding available and steps to follow in my summary infographic

CDAP Boost Your Business Technology Steps

Online Marketing and Digital Strategy

Are you struggling to get in front of your potential customers, unsure how to get your ideal client to understand that you have the answer to their problems?

Customers, your customers, start their purchases most of the time, by searching online. Even if you are a brick & mortar business, you need to have an online presence. Long gone are the days when the Yellow Pages led customers to your door.

Let me help you build a strategy so your customers can find you, connect with you, understand your offer, and become your fans!

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Sue Steckle, Digital Advisor in the Canada Digital Adoption Program