Growth articles are things I’m reading, listening to, curious about, things that inspire me. It’s probably not directly work-related. These are little glimpses into what I’m thinking about and what’s making me smile.

Big Magic

This! This book is the reason I’m writing anything here at all again. This book helped me to see that we are all creative beings, just by virtue of being human. This book showed me that ideas are fleeting and need to be created. If it’s meant to be something you bring to the world, …

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I read the book “Rework” by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. Then I pondered it for a couple of days, reread it, and took some notes. The advice they offer on how to operate efficiently and effectively applies to small, nimble companies, and so much of it would benefit large organizations as well.  Set an agenda for …

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It’s all about balance. I strongly believe in working hard, and making a difference when I show up to get a job done. I want to get it done, and do it right. And then… shut it off and play! In this blog, you will find my thoughts on work and play, while I strive …

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