Innervative Strategies is owned and operated by health informatics industry veteran Sue Steckle, who has over 25 years experience in-hospital and health informatics vendor experience. Sue prides herself on her level of customer service, and her ability to recognize business problems in the delivery of healthcare, and propose efficient solutions. She has direct experience with Agfa, Cerner and ADAC Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Scheduling Systems, as well as enterprise experience with the Cerner Millennium suite of solutions.

Innervative Strategies offers independent, vendor-neutral consulting services for the deployment of health information systems.

Business Architecture

Creating a solution business architecture requires understanding healthcare workflow and business processes, both of which are strong points for Sue. With over a dozen years of direct experience in health informatics solution implementation and solution management, she also brings business skills and analytic techniques. Sue has an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, is Pragmatic Marketing Certified in Product and Requirements Management, and has a toolkit full of the leadership and information gathering skills necessary to ensure your needs are understood and met.

Application Architecture

Translating business needs into solution and application architecture is the next step to a successful system deployment. Sue has assisted healthcare organizations to streamline their departmental workflow, including paperless operations, by architecting solution configurations tailored to specific project objectives. Sue can help you to ensure that your systems meet your project goals and organizational vision by ensuring that your needs are fully understood and designing a system deployment to achieve them.

Proposal Preparation

The first, and perhaps most critical, step in implementing a system that meets your organizational needs is solution selection. Grounded in her years of responding to open tenders, Sue can help you to select the best system for your needs. Sue will work with you to understand your business objectives, assisting with requirements prioritization, and preparation of a tender which will not only assist you to learn about solutions available in the marketplace, but also ensure that those which best meet your needs rise to the top.

Project Management

Sue has had her hand in dozens of RIS and Scheduling implementation projects throughout North America, in which she either managed or directed the management of the project. Her project management style is collaborative, and thoroughly detailed to ensure that all project team members have a clear view of project requirements and timelines. Sue understands the complexity of project interdependencies, test plans and resource constraints and can help you to get your project successfully underway, or back on track.

Market Research

If you need to more fully understand the Health Informatics market, Sue can help. She has years of product management and business development experience, through which she forged her market research skills. From the general market overview to specific niche offerings, she will deliver the information you need to educate your team and support your business decisions.

The Bottom Line

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Sue Steckle, Chief Tech Fairy