May 13, 2020

Posted In: Growth


I read the book “Rework” by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. Then I pondered it for a couple of days, reread it, and took some notes.

The advice they offer on how to operate efficiently and effectively applies to small, nimble companies, and so much of it would benefit large organizations as well. 

  • Set an agenda for meetings;
  • meet where the problem to be discussed is happening;
  • meet only for as long as it takes to determine a plan to resolve the problem (rather than for the default time assigned by your corporate calendar system);
  • assign an owner to get it done.

It seems like such common sense, and yet so many companies don’t function this way. This book is a very quick read, with each section started with a graphic to set the stage in your right hemisphere. It makes you think on a few different levels, including challenging your “we’ve always done it this way” thinking. Best of all, it encourages the reader to make some decisions and get things done. Who can argue with that?

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